We need a vision for the future. But vision and civic commitment is not merely the province of government or nonprofits. There must be new alliances between business, labor and government if we are to achieve our vision. CAP’s curriculum explains how we can get there.
— Justin Kang, City Awake & The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

Training the Next Generation of Innovators, Activists, and Policy Makers

The Civic Action Project is exactly the type of guided immersion into public policy that our students need as they develop careers in public service… From the thoughtful exchanges that [CAP] has facilitated with practitioners, to the placements in local government and non-profit agencies, the Fellows are getting an education unlike any other. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Civic Action Project.
— Katherine S. Newman -Interim Chancellor, UMass Boston

Our belieFS

“In a world in which “civic engagement” is often reduced to partisan posturing and gridlock, extremist and non-compromising rhetoric, and in which civics education has largely gone the way of the Model T, new tools must be designed to teach leaders and citizens alike the mechanisms that make a representative democracy work. Real civic engagement must not be merely in the purview of government and organized advocacy groups alone.  It must also include a new generation of leaders from business, labor, academia, community organizations and the media.  This new generation must learn the practical skills needed to access and influence the intersection between policy and politics, business and government, civic engagement versus antipathy. ” — CAP FOUNDERS


By providing paid, graduate level internships, corporate boot camps and career mentoring, the Civic Action Project (“CAP”) proposes that next generation leaders must learn effective strategies to advance a civic agenda, including the complicated, intertwined roles of grassroots activists, grass-top lobbyists, the media, government, nonprofits, corporate/labor and academic leaders.


What we Provide